Assault & Battery

If you are charged with assault and battery in Massachusetts you need to understand that there are various degrees of this offense, some of which carry enhanced penalties and which are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office with more zeal. In general an assault and battery is any intentional, but unwanted or unauthorized touching of another person.

Based on recent events and changes in legislation in the Commonwealth the crime of domestic assault and battery (this can be on an intimate partner, a family member, or someone who shares a household with you) has been prosecuted even more zealously and with less understanding of personal circumstances that it was in the past. Even someone with no prior record can expect the prosecutor to ask for bail in a domestic assault and battery case, and it is important to have a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side to rebut that request. The days of a domestic assault and battery being viewed as a “private” or a “family” matter are long gone, and you can expect the prosecutor to prefer the possibility of losing a case at trial to the possibility of dismissing a case like this prior to a scheduled trial. For this reason you absolutely need a capable and seasoned trial lawyer to represent you in any assault and battery case. Even if the assault and battery is not domestic in nature, there is an alleged victim out there to whom the prosecutor will feel beholden, so the chances of this type of case being dismissed prior to a trial date are fairly low. From the moment you are charged with a domestic assault and battery you need to work with your attorney to formulate a strong and sensible defense to protect yourself.

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