Violations of Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

A restraining order (209A) and a harassment prevention order (258E) are both actually civil, and not criminal matters, but the issuance of one of these orders against you can very quickly become a criminal matter. When someone applies for one of these protection orders against you they are required to appear before a Judge who will decide if the person is entitled to one of these orders based on the requirements of the applicable statute. Once the order is issued, ANY violation of the order is treated as a criminal offense, and not a civil matter. This creates a criminal record which can be viewed by employers, landlords, law enforcement, etc. Even if the order is never violated, the court system and law enforcement will see that you have been the subject of a restraining order which can create a negative impression. Unfortunately restraining and harassment prevention orders are routinely granted and extended, which is why you need an attorney, who has argued against the issuance of these orders on many occasions, in many courts, to protect you from the civil and criminal consequences.

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