Boston Drug Charge Attorney

Drug charges are very serious offenses with strict penalties including mandatory minimum sentences which are in play even for first time offenders. Many drug possession with intent and/or distribution charges are accompanied by a school/park zone enhancement that carries a minimum mandatory TWO (2) year sentence upon conviction regardless of your lack of prior criminal record. While the country’s attitude towards marijuana use seems to be shifting, the prosecution of individuals suspected in drug activity has not lessened one bit. In addition to the possibility of incarceration, convictions on drug offenses carry serious consequences to your ability to have a driver’s license in the Commonwealth. If your license is necessary for your work or personal life, a drug conviction could put you in a very difficult position. If you are charged with any kind of drug offense you need an experienced Boston Criminal Attorney in dealing with these charges who knows how to evaluate your case and see if the way in which the police obtained the contraband was in compliance with state and federal laws. If not, a motion to suppress must be pursued to protect your rights. Even if a motion to suppress is not available or successful, there are other strategies that a trained and experienced lawyer can pursue to achieve a successful result.

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