Sex Related Offenses

Sexual Assault

Sex related offenses (indecent assault and battery, indecent exposure, rape, possession of child pornography, etc) are some of the most difficult cases to defend and some of the most embarrassing and stigmatizing for a defendant to face. The mere accusation of a sex related offense can mean the end of a promising career, a marriage, or any number of future goals/dreams. Even if you are found not guilty by a jury, there will still be those who unfairly judge you based on the accusation alone. However, that unfortunate possibility pales in comparison with what happens if you are convicted of a sex related offense. Some of the real life implications of a sex related offense conviction can include:

  1. Lengthy mandatory minimum prison sentences;
  2. Lifetime registration as a sex offender;
  3. Limits on sex offenders as to where they can work, where they can live, whom they may associate with, etc;
  4. Risk of being harmed by people in the prison system or the community who take a very personal offense to this type of crime;
  5. The loss of ability to use certain technologies, such as computers or the internet.

As you can see, there are serious real life implications and potential consequences for someone charged with a sex related offense. Therefore it is important to have the advice of a qualified and experienced lawyer before you deal with a sex related case, or if you suspect that such charges may be forthcoming.

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