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The reality is no one ever wants to or expects to need the services of a criminal defense attorney. People don’t envision themselves arrested, charged with a crime, and facing serious consequences such as: jail time, fines, loss of licenses/licensure, loss of their job, or even deportation from the United States. Most people grow up thinking that the police are there to “protect and serve” and will listen to their side of the story. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Police officers are required to follow strict orders from supervisors as to: how to handle investigations, when to make arrests, and when to bring charges. Their leeway in choosing to brush aside a criminal allegation is very small, and the default will be to charge someone with a crime and “let the jury figure it out.” So as a result you can find yourself facing serious charges such as: domestic assault and battery, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (OUI/DUI), or possession with intent to distribute drugs all based on very scant facts and possibly totally false allegations. Being charged with a crime is a scary and traumatizing experience. You may feel both at once upset about being accused of something you didn’t do, but at the same time too ashamed to admit to yourself or others that the allegations are pending the determination of a court. Many people are guilty of having seen a news headline or overhearing neighborhood gossip about someone charged with a crime and thinking “well, he/she was arrested, they must have done something wrong..” However, when a person finds themselves of the other end of that equation you quickly realize that being accused of a crime, and being guilty of one, are completely distinct questions. The first requires only probable cause (a very low threshold) whereas the other requires guilt beyond a reasonable doubt (a much more difficult burden for the prosecution to meet).

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I have represented all walks of people: young and old, people with no record and those for whom this is not their first case, people who did some of what they are accused of and those who are wrongly accused due to someone else’s mistake, or worse someone else’s plan for revenge. Whatever variation of this situation you find yourself in, you need an experienced, professional, and dedicated Boston criminal defense attorney like myself on your side to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome. I have often been asked in my career (particularly when defending someone from a generally unpopular offense) “how can you sleep at night?” The answer is simple. As long as I have pursued every avenue to zealously and ferociously represent my client then I sleep just fine. It would only be fear that I didn’t do everything within the bounds of the law to defend my client, which would keep me up at night.

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