Theft & Shoplifting

If you are accused of a larceny/theft crime the Commonwealth must prove that you intended to intentionally take the property of another and permanently deprive them of it. There are many situations which involve the allegation of a larceny or theft, that do not really meet the requirements of the criminal statutes. Further, there is a big difference between a larceny over $250 and a larceny under $250. If you are charged with a larceny over $250 it is a felony, which carries more serious penalties would make you a convicted felon if the case did not go your way. Larceny under $250 is a misdemeanor, and while less serious than the felony, is still a serious matter.

If you are charged with larceny or theft of any amount you want to make sure you have a zealous and effective advocate on your side to help you defend your rights.

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